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Everytime you put God in the midst of anything, you get a wow factor! When we put this team together, we never guessed we'd receive the  incredible turn out from parents and their kids. We set out to do something great with one team and have grown into two of the top teams in the country!


We look forward to our third season being legendary!  We've added some of the best kids from around the country.  We are proud to welcome them and their parents on our journey to continue evolving into the best program in the country.


Parents, we are looking forward to hitting the road with you this coming season and thankful that you have chosen


Sons of Thunder Basketball is a 501(c)3 organization recognized with full tax exemption status.


We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and participate in many local, regional, national and international tournaments.


Our 2017 - 2018 season begins in Blacksburg, VA on December 2 - 3 where we will host the Battle of The Elite 2017 tournament that will feature elite teams and players from around the country.


The experience has begun.


Eddie Cooke, Jr., GM 2017©